Hysterosalpingography (HSG)

Hysterosalpingography (HSG)

What is medicated uterine film (drug film, HSG, hysterosalpingography)?

It is an x-ray examination using x-rays of hysterosalpingography (or short name HSG), also known as "medicated uterine film or drug film".

Where does the meaning of medicated uterine film (drug film, HSG, hysterosalpingography) come from?

Hysterosalpyngography; Histo-Salpingo-Graphic (HSG) words. This means that hysteroid uterus, salpingo tubes, and radiography are also imaging. So, in summary HSG is the name given to radiological imaging of uterus and tubules.

How is HSG (hysterosalpingography) taken?

When HSG is withdrawn, an oily x-ray dyestuff (opaque substance) is delivered into the uterus with the aid of a cylindrical catheter passing through the cervix (cervix). By looking at the distribution of this opaque material, problems related to intrauterine or fallopian tubes are tried to be revealed.

What are the other advantages of the drug womb filminin (drug film, HSG)? 

One of the most important advantages is the HSG 's intuitive feature. Namely; Following HSG withdrawal is the opening of small adhesions in the tubes. Even if all the findings are normal even if the other parameters are normal in the infertile (infertility problem) and the HSG is withdrawn, the pregnancy rates increase 6 months after the filmin withdrawal unless the individual infertility treatment is started.

For this reason, HSG is an important method for both diagnosis and treatment in infertility treatment.

What is the ideal time for HSG?

The best time for HSG shots is a few days after the end of the unit. Hsg filming is not recommended during the period.

Why should the medicated uterine film (medicated film, HSG) be withdrawn immediately after menstruation?

There are three main reasons why HSG withdrawal is within 1-3 days of the end of the period:

I. There is no chance of pregnancy in this period because the cleansing is new. For this reason, a possible new pregnancy is not harmed.

II. In the later days of the menstrual period the uterus will be thickened, which will hide the possible masses in the uterus and reduce the clarity of the vision.

III. Immediately after menstrual period and menstrual period, the cervical canal is open. By the time the cervix is closed, it will block the entrance of opaque material into the catheter placed in this area.

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