It is exciting to have babies for new parents for the first time in their arms. The more you know about the newborn period, the easier it will be to spend this period comfortably!

After the adventure of birth, a long journey begins for the parents and the baby. Tiny bodies are constantly in this period and even day and night. Every movement is questioned, wonder why it is welded and observed. Because the newborn period has a lot of question marks for parents.


We call the soft spot on the head of the newborn baby. Bingirak is the name given to the windows that are covered with bond texture between the two headbars side by side. As baby's head grows, their head bones also grow and close together, and the gaps begin to emerge after a while. The growth of the baby's head is triggered by the growth of the brain.

2nd. General connection

Newborn babies should be kept dry and clean. Alcohol can also be used for care by a 70 percent doctor. Iodized solutions should not be used as they may alter thyroid hormone levels. The baby does not wash the belly button until it falls, making it easier for your belly to dry and fall. In this period, the baby can be wiped with boiled and warm water.

3rd Ophthalmology

Newborns can see close range. This distance can be defined as the distance from mother's breast to her face. People prefer to look at their faces. When she is 1 month old, her mother starts smiling. They follow the brightly colored objects with their eyes for a short time. When they hear an interesting sound, they turn their heads in that direction.


Birthmarks are investigated throughout the body. Babies are born with some birthmarks. Especially in the dark babies, they are common in the poppy, sometimes visible in others, and sometimes in the back and legs are purplish stains. It disappears completely around 2 years old. There may be red vein dilatations in different sizes and shapes. They usually get smaller and smaller. Çenede and white small acne on the back stands out. These formations, which are caused by the clogging of immature fat beads, disappear without treatment. In the face area, red stains may occur in the middle white.


Taking the baby 25-30 grams a day shows that she is well fed. Babies can lose 5-10 pounds in the first few days. If there is more weight loss than this, it must be evaluated absolutely. It is not very crying or very harmful nutrition criterion.


Newborn babies have no sleep until 6 months old. The fact that he sleeps for 16-18 hours does not seem to be so in practice. Especially from the 2nd month on, some methods can be tried to put sleeping patterns in babies. Before bedtime, your baby should be tucked, the bottom should be clean, calm and quiet, when the baby is sleepy, but before bedtime it should be laid down on the bed. So he can get used to sleeping in his own bed.


All babies sneeze, which is why nasal mucous membranes are very sensitive. It can even cause sneezers, which are in the baby's clothes, to come flying. If the baby does not have a fever, cold or cough, it should be watched by the parent.


Diaphragm becomes irritated during the feeding of babies, or afterwards, with a contraction and hiccup reflex. Swallowing is reduced by this, so it is suggested to breastfeed babies' breastfeeding again.


Newborn horses are seen in 60 percent of premature babies and 80 percent of premature babies. The jaundice first spreads in the white part and face of the babies' eyes and spreads to the body over time. If jaundice has advanced to the abdomen, it should be considered increased. Looking at the eye, bilirubin level should be considered as it may be wrong. The amount of bilirubin that makes up the shed is beneficial because it is antioxidant. Newborn infants have few antioxidant substances, so some lung, brain and intestinal diseases are prevented. However, when it gets too high, blood can pass through the brain barrier and damage the cells. The criteria of the American Academy of Pediatrics are taken into account. In these criteria, the levels of critical bilirubin depend on the birth weight of the baby and how many days it is. Phototherapy (special light) treatment is started when the bilirubin level is over 17 mg / dl in older babies older than 3 days (2500 g). With this treatment, bilirubin turns into a soluble form in the water, which is expelled through urine and gaita. IVIG (intravenous human immunoglobulin) can be given if there are blood group incompatibilities in the baby and the bilirubin height approaches the blood exchange limit. If bilirubin is elevated to all treatments, blood exchange is done. It is important for the baby to be fed well in this process in order to remove the amount of bilirubin with gaita.

10.Out temperature

The temperature of the newborn baby is 22-23 degrees. More than 24 degrees of heat causes the baby's activity to diminish, soak up, and not suck.


There are no inconveniences for babies in this period to make airplane trips. Breastfeeding the baby only when the plane gets up and down helps balance the ear pressure. Thus, the pain is prevented.