Baby's excessive crying makes you think it's a health problem first. However, it is stated that babies can cry for 3 hours a day in the first 3 months and this is a normal process.

Communication is a big part of our lives. Every living thing is another way of expressing itself. Babies have no choice but to tell them about themselves. I think the word "there is no mouth, no language" is for them. If your greatest desire is to understand from the language of your baby who is trying to express themselves with the melodious songs and help them further, this news will help you.

Reasons for crying too much

The only way for babies to communicate is to cry. They often nest when they feel hunger, insomnia, discomfort. If you think your baby is full of stomach, six is clean, the fever is normal, the ambient temperature is good, that is, there is no need to cry, the cause may be colic. Crying for no reason is often the evening, because the baby tries to throw away the fatigue of the day. If you are deprived of yourself and are created in a calm environment, you will fall asleep in 5-10 minutes. Foods consumed by the breastfeeding mother, such as milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts and foods that may be allergic to proteins, such as milk, baby, allergic reaction to the baby and may cause irritability. Excess consumption of liquids containing caffeine such as tea, coffee, and cola may also cause uneasiness in the baby.

Is it possible to understand the reason for the cry?

Although crying in the first days of a newborn baby causes panic in their mothers, they learn to communicate with the baby over time, and they can better understand the baby's needs from the way they cry.